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Fadal Spindle Drives

Fadal Spindle Drives

Fadal have used many different spindle drives over the years with manufacturers such as Lovejoy, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sweo, Baldor, AMC, Glentek, Yaskawa and as many as 30 variations along the way to suit Standard 10HP, HT, VHT, Rigid Tapping and Closed Loop options.

Early spindle drives were open loop designs that relied on the output from the spindle controller card to control the direction and motion of the spindle. They did not have the rigid tapping option.

Most new Inverters are closed loop vector drives which use the output from the spindle controller card but then monitor the feedback from the encoder in the spindle motor for the true speed feedback together with the output current to adjust the output frequency and voltage to attain the best power characteristics for the required speed.

They also utilise Regen braking systems to dissipate power when decelerating.

We stock Inverters to suit all Fadal machines and can match a modern equivalent to replace early obsolete versions. We also stock all Encoders and Regen accessories to suit.

Drive replacement requires setup of the new drive together with calibration of zero speed and rigid tapping parameters that our engineers would carry out upon replacement.

During drive installation correct transformer output tappings need to be selected for correct Inverter setup.