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Fadal Lubrication

Fadal Lubrication

Lubrication is key to a healthy machine and correct flow to the ways should be checked on a daily basis. Lack of lubrication will quickly lead to worn and damaged parts.

Early machines had basic pumps that pumped the oil around the system which was then restricted by the metering units to the correct areas. It was difficult to maintain correct metering to all areas especially with leaks or blockages.

From Feb 1994 onwards PDI (Positive Displacement Injectors) were used to inject a metered amount of oil every 4 minute cycle. The gauge on the pump can be observed rising to 350 PSI and back to 0 every cycle.

We stock all lubrication items including pumps, filters, injectors, hoses, and fittings.  Please call for assistance in selecting the correct parts.