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Fadal Support & Documentation

The links below are provided for your reference, please feel free to download the relevant documents for your Fadal machine, with our compliments.

All of the links are PDF files.  You will therefore need to have Adobe Reader installed in order to be able to view these documents.


 Maintenance Manual (complete)

 User Manual (complete)

 Operator Manual (complete)

Wiring Diagrams

 Electrical / CE Interlocks
 4th Axis Servo Options
 Probes and Scales
 Chip Conveyor

Parts Manual - Standard Series

 VMC 15/15XT
 VMC 2216
 VMC 2016L
 VMC 3016
 VMC 3016L
 VMC 4020
 VMC 4020A
 VMC 5020A
 VMC 6030
 VMC 8030

Parts Manual - Performance Series

 VMC 4525
 VMC 3020
 VMC 6535


 Advanced Feed Forward
 Command Lock
 Survey Command
 AMC Vector Drive
 VH5C Collet Air Valve
 Dual ATC-Error Messages
 Probe Digitizing Manual

 RS-232 Communications Troubleshooting

 Recommended Oils & Fluids


Quick Reference

 Command Menu
 Command Summary
 Error Codes
 Program Codes